26th March - 8th April 2014
We love to share our travels with the unlucky ones left behind in wet and windy England, with social media allowing more of an instantaneous sharing experience, but does it lose the personal and tactile touch of a good old-fashioned photo postcard? The nostalgia of jotting down a story on the back of a postcard and popping it in the post gives a much more personal touch for the recipient, something that they would wish to keep pinned on their pin board at home.
With this idea in mind, a group of artists from Conquer Gear set out on an urban exploration into forgotten territories, searching for those hard to find and abandoned spaces that are not in the guidebooks. Urban exploring meets the arts…….


 01-16 March 2014
What if art objects were not just passive recipients of our manipulation? What if they had identities, desires and ambitions of their own? In other words, what if, instead of merely reflecting culture, they had the power to interpret and influence it?
These are questions that Zagórska-Thomas plays with in her art.